General Information


East Hampton Village Ambulance Association is currently offering FREE Friends and Family CPR Courses that will teach you how to perform CPR. *This course does not provide a certification card.

East Hampton Village Ambulance Association offers CPR and First Aid Classes to the general public for more information or to request a class call (631) 907-8155 or email us at

Online CPR courses are available thru where you can complete the video portion of the course on your own time then schedule hands on skills and the skills test in the classroom.



Is your House number up?

Police, Fire and Ambulance personnel need to find your home quickly should an emergency occur.

It is difficult for emergency vehicles, utility trucks and delivery trucks to find homes and businesses whose address numbers are not properly posted.


Residences & Apartments

Post house numbers:

  • Directly on your house, apartment, or garage.
  • Where they can best be seen from the road.
  • By the street or on a post or sign made of fire resistant material.
  • That are easy to read, not cursive style.
  • That are at least 4″ high

House Numbers: 4″ Tall

Your house number should be printed in numbers that are No Less Than 4″Tall and in contrasting color from your house color.

Your house numbers should be visible up to 150 feet, from all angles.

Be sure your house numbers can be seen at night.

Keep your numbers clearly visible throughout the year.

As a test, ask neighbors, friends or service people who visit your home if they saw your house numbers easily.

Encourage family, friends and neighbors to post their house numbers, too!



Can we find you in an emergency?

Clearly posted house numbers can save precious time should an emergency occur. Can life saving personnel find you?

Response time is critical; seconds lost can mean the difference between life and death.

Green Light Campaign


When you see a vehicle approaching you from behind with flashing green lights activated, please pull over safely and let them pass. Flashing green lights are an indication that a volunteer EMS provider is responding to a 911 emergency.